Fat Loss Hypertrophy

Why you’re the only person that matters

When you’re trying to build the best physique possible, you need to understand your unique response to training stimulus, says Rich Gaspari

Rich Gaspari is a former pro bodybuilder and member of the IFBB Hall of Fame. He is based in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Iron Insights

1 Work smarter
When I started training I tried to follow the elite bodybuilder programmes but it was too much for me and it was at a detriment to my physique. You have to not just work hard but work smart. Learn about your physique and learn how to not overtrain.

2 Be analytical
I found that my legs grew very easily but I found it a lot harder to develop my upper body. So for about a year I had to stop training my legs to bring up my upper body. You can’t just work super-hard and assume that it’s going to give you a symmetrical physique.

3 Keep a journal
Keeping journals allowed me to see what worked for me. I don’t think it was a lightbulb moment. It was about learning over time. I could see that I was over-dieting and over-training so I did more mass building moves and cut back on ancillary exercises.