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Why it’s time to overreach

When your mind is telling you to back off from hard training because you’re tired and sore you need to ignore the doubts if you want to make the best gains possible, says Layne Norton

Dr Layne Norton is a physique coach and natural pro bodybuilder and powerlifter, who holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. He is based in Tampa, Florida.

Iron Insights

You should feel tired
If you are doing an overreaching phase of a periodized training plan then it’s going to suck and you’re going to feel terrible, but that’s the way you should feel if you’re executing the program properly.

Don’t desert the gym
Most people when they feel tired and sore, or want to puke when they look at a barbell, back off from training because they think they need some time off to recover, but a complete break from the gym is far from the best thing to do.

Pain is fleeting
You need to disassociate how you are feeling mentally and physically from how capable you are of performing well in the gym. Remember that your brain will lie to you when your  muscles are still able to get the work done.



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