Why ball-building workouts make you a man

Sometimes the gym shouldn’t just test your muscles, it should test your balls, says Ben Pakulski

I get a lot of people ask me whether they should the go for a run, or a bike ride or a swim, even though they know it’s maybe not the best idea for their body-composition goal.

My answer is always the same. If you enjoy it, do it.

For me, I thrive on putting my body through huge amounts of pain and pushing myself to my absolute limit – sometimes it’s a three-hour leg workout – even though I know that it’s not necessarily the best thing for building muscle.

But it’s not always about what a workout does for your muscles; it what it does for your balls. I call these type of sessions my ‘ball-builder’ workouts because they are what make me a man.

Better man
When it’s hard and it sucks, it makes me a better person. Before you achieve greatness in anything you need to become the best person you can be, and that starts inside.

Sometimes you’ve just got to do something that’s really, really hard, because it changes your perception of how all the other sessions you need to do this week will go.

If you can get through these workouts, every other workout, and everything else you have to deal with in life, becomes a piece of cake.

If you’ve never got outside of your comfort zone, today’s the day, because tomorrow will be a hell of a lot easier.



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