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What carbs can you eat on a keto diet?

When you have a limited amount of carbs in your diet you need to use them wisely with micronutrient-dense foods, say Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery

Iron Insights

1 Go green
The main carb source when you’re on a ketogenic diet should be fibrous vegetables. If you’re only having 30g to 50g of carbs a day then most of that should come from vegetables. Broccoli and other greens are ideal.

2 Berry good
The fruits that you could have sparingly are mixed berries. You can even make ketogenic ice cream by mixing heavy cream, ice and adding a few berries. You don’t need to add a lot but it’s micronutrient dense.

3 Stick at it
When we recruited for a recent study we had subjects who were very keen to get involved. When the study finished they said that they wanted to stay on a ketogenic diet rather than go back to carbs because of how they felt.



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