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Use chains to untap muscle growth

Accommodating resistance varies the weight you must lift each rep to work your muscles through their full strength curve to maximise hypertrophy, says John Meadows

John Meadows is a national champion bodybuilder and works with many of the best physique athletes in the world. He is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Originally used by powerlifters to increase the load their muscles must overcome when they are at their strongest, chains and bands are also highly effective when hypertrophy, or maximum muscle mass, is your objective. Why? Because they vary the amount of resistance you must lift throughout each phase of every rep: they make the bar heavier when you are at your strongest by making your muscles bear the full weight; and lighter when you are your weakest point of the strength curve, when the chains or band are slack and coiled on the floor. Bands are doubly useful because they can help out when you are your weakest, allowing you lift heavier without the risk of failure or injury.

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