Build your biceps with blood-flow restriction lifting

Paul Revelia and William Grazione show you how to use blood-flow restriction training for hypertrophy

Paul Revelia is an IFPA and NGA pro bodybuilder and owner of Pro Physique Consulting. William Grazione is an IFPA and NGA pro bodybuilder and the owner of Metabolic Evolution. 

Iron Insights

Wrap it up
When restricting blood flow the wraps only ever go at the top of the arms for upper-body lifts, or the top of the thighs for legs moves, never anywhere else.

Maximize blood flow
Pick a weight that’s about 30% of your one-rep max for that move. This isn’t about going heavy: it’s about getting as much blood into the target muscle as possible.

Set strategy
The first set is up to 30 reps, with three subsequent sets of around 15 reps. Rest for around 30 seconds between sets.

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