Use an uneven split to get perfect symmetry

If you want to sculpt a balanced physique then you need to adjust your training schedule according to how you look and feel, says Anton Antipov

Anton Antipov is an IFBB professional physique  athlete. He is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Iron Insights

1 Prioritise weaknesses
Your body doesn’t know what day it is so there’s no law that says you have to train chest on a Monday. I like to put my weaker muscles groups first in the training week and train them more frequently. I tend to sometimes skip my more powerful muscle groups.

2 Flexible frequency
My shoulders respond very quickly and blow up when I do a couple of reps, whereas I need to improve my back – particularly because I have an L4/L5 hernia, so it needs extra attention. If I’ve trained my back and it isn’t sore, I’ll maybe train it twice a week.

3 Trust your instincts
I often go according to how I feel, rather than sticking to a rigid plan. There have been times when I’ve trained legs three days in a row. On other occasions, I’ve maybe trained my shoulders just once in a month because I’ve felt like I didn’t need to.



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