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The psychology of success

The only way to push yourself to a level you’ve never reached before is to develop a mental capacity that fuels your desire to never settle for anything other than success, especially when the pain becomes unbearable, says Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw is a professional strongman competitor, three-time World Strongest Man winner and a MHP athlete. He is based in Colorado.

Iron Insights

Pain is temporary
You need to accept that it’s going to hurt and the pain will be almost unbearable. But it’s only temporary. Afterwards no one will know or care how much it hurt – all anyone ever remembers is whether you succeeded or whether you failed.

Maintain a balance
Nothing ever always goes exactly according to plan so I always try to stay on a level. I never get too hyped if I do well, or beat myself up if I don’t. I used to dwell on my failures, but it ate away at me I’d screw up the rest of the contest.

Handle the pressure
Staying level-headed is very easy to say and very hard to do, but it’s essential to performing well and performing consistently. There is always pressure to perform, especially in a competition, so the learning to stay in control is essential.



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