Fat Loss

The pro secrets of getting lean

James Ellis is a WBFF pro and physique coach. He is based in London

Eat protein and fats for breakfast
When I want to kickstart fat loss I make sure my breakfast is based around quality protein and fats, regardless of what time I am training that day. I typically eat eggs or meat and nuts with some omega-3 oil taken separately. Protein and fats digest slowly, giving a very stable blood sugar release, and the omega-3s support cognitive function and switch-on lipolytic hormones. It also keeps my carb cravings at bay and allows me to burn more fat in and around my workout. Try it for a week instead of a carb-based breakfast and I bet you’re feel a whole lot better as well as starting to get leaner.

Ben Siong is the founder of Australian Strength Performance and has worked with top international and national athletes in a variety of sports, as well as with champion bodybuilders and models. He is based in Melbourne, Australia

Eliminate the causes of stress
One constantly overlooked area that stagnates fat loss is high stress levels. Excess production of cortisol, the stress hormone, not only leads to fat storage around the midsection, but also disrupts digestive function and nutrient absorption, causes muscle breakdown, and impedes optimal recovery. Taking a high-quality magnesium supplement containing several chelates, particularly post workout, is highly effective in suppressing cortisol and can accelerate the fat-loss process.

Jamie Alderton is a WBFF pro and physique coach. He is based in East Grinstead, West Sussex

Realise that there are no quick fixes
When wanting to drop body fat most people are fixated on finding the quickest way to do it. They jump in and use the most extreme methods in their diet and training protocols to drop weight as quickly as possible. While it may work in the short term the results never last.  So you need to find a sustainable way to train, eat and think to make sure you fat-loss mission is met. Your diet needs to be one you can stick to, enjoy, and crucially works. If you are are sick and tired of hitting the treadmill each morning then don’t do it and find something that you get a buzz out of. It’s really important you look forward to training so you can apply yourself fully, rather than it being something you dread and find ways to avoid. Your mindset also needs to be right. Many people focus too much on the destination rather than enjoying journey. If you wake up each day enjoying what you do then it becomes easy to achieve anything as it never feels like hard work.

Phil Graham is a highly-respected competitive bodybuilder, performance nutritionist, fitness expert and personal trainer. He is based in Northern Ireland

Nothing beats consistency
The key to successful fat loss is to remember that what you do day in and day out really counts. Your success is not determined by your best workout, or the day you most accurately tracked macros, or best night’s sleep. Your success is measured by doing everything right on a consistent basis. This means developing a robust and flexible routine that overcomes the daily obstacles many of us face.

Olly Foster is one of Europe’s leading fitness models and personal trainers. He is based in London

Avoid trans-fats and fix your gut
Trans fats are man-made fats that the body struggles to break down and utilise in an effective manner. The liver tends to convert them to fat rather than energy, thus hindering your fat-loss progress.
Unlike good fats, which are naturally found in foods such as eggs, nuts and avocados, trans fats are typically found in pre-packed processed meals, fast foods and confectionary. Start cooking meals from scratch using raw ingredients.

You train hard and eat right, you manage to control all the external influences that can affect you such as stress and poor sleep. But what’s the point if your gut health is poor and you are struggling to digest and absorb the nutrients you are providing to assist you with your fat-loss goal?

The digestive system is so important when it comes to health because it is involved in so many processes. When functioning optimally it allows us perform to a greater level. A simple and effective protocol used to fix the gut and aid in weight loss can be the addition of L-glutamine, which has been shown to be an amazing aid in healing, sealing and repairing a ‘leaky gut’ by positively affecting the key organs of the digestive system.

Supplementing with l-glutamine will ensure the entire digestive process runs much more smoothly, preventing future damage, and more importantly healing any damage already done to allow for better nutrient absorption. My recommendation is for me to take 20g in the morning and 20g before bed, and for women to take two doses of 10g at the same times.