The magic of metabolic flexibility

If your body can switch efficiently between using different energy sources as fuel you hold the key to a stronger and leaner physique, says John Berardi

Dr John Berardi is a nutrition and exercise coach, sport scientist, author, and a founder of Precision Nutrition. He is based in Toronto, Canada.

The idea behind metabolic flexibility is that when our physiology is good, when our biochemistry is primed, and when our enzyme interactions are flowing efficiently, we can eat almost any diet. It could be high-carb or low-carb. High-protein or low-protein. High-fat or low-fat. It doesn’t matter. Because we are able to shift seamlessly between utilising the different types of fuels.

We can be building muscle, burning fat, and avoiding fat gain, on almost any nutritional strategy.

I find it really exciting because it’s the opposite approach to what can sometimes dominate the fitness industry, and that’s picking one side or being in one camp, and then being totally dismissive of anyone else who has an alternative view.

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