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The importance of staying flexible

A fluid and flexible approach to every aspect of your training, diet and recovery strategy is essential for continuous gains, says Ben Esgro

Ben Esgro is the chief operating officer at De Novo Nutrition and an NCSA certified S&C specialist. He is based in Tampa, Florida.

Iron Insights

Perfect for you
The psychology and philosophy of why people do certain things and what really motivates them is a much under-appreciated area of health and fitness. You can have the perfect training or diet plan, but if no one can stick to it, it’s useless.

Flexibility is key
Having a more fluid and flexible approach in every single area of your health and fitness journey, whether your goal is losing body fat, adding lean muscle mass or getting stronger, is the best and only way to ensure you can make continuous progress.

Ease the pressure
So many people worry if they go over their daily macro target – just adjust the next day so your weekly average is where it needs to be. And don’t force a result in a certain timeframe – that pressure is a threat to your ability to reach your goal.



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