Hypertrophy Strength

The drop set that helps you grow faster

Drop sets are great for taking your muscles to fatigue but changing body position to make the move easier, instead of reducing the weight, will keep the intensity high and deliver results faster, says Shaun Stafford

Shaun Stafford is a two-time WBFF Pro Fitness model world champion and performance director at City Athletic. He is based in London.

If you’re looking for a new workout methodology to increase muscular size and strength, then you should try out multi-angle drop sets. I’ve found them to be an incredibly useful addition to my training arsenal as a new tactic to keep my muscles growing.

Unlike traditional drop sets where you perform one lift to failure, then reduce the weight and lift to failure again, then again, this type of drop set keeps the amount of weight you lift the same, and instead you change your body position to make the move easier. A good example is wide-grip pull-up to hammer-grip pull-up to chin-up, or Romanian deadlift to traditional deadlift to sumo deadlift. This approach means you keep the intensity the same, forcing your muscles to work far harder than in traditional drop sets when it’s easy and tempting to drop the weight too much too soon.