The future trends of food tracking

Technology is going to revolutionise how we track the food we eat and the conditions under which we sit down to every meal, says John Berardi

Dr John Berardi is a nutrition and exercise coach, sport scientist, author, and a founder of Precision Nutrition. He is based in Toronto, Canada.

Iron Insights

Track eating habits
It’s easy to track what you eat each day – you just write it all down in a food diary. What excites me is technology that tracks your behaviour when you’re eating, as well as the macros you consume. Behaviour is far more significant than what you eat.

Nutrition in context
Tracking what and how you eat in real time provides information about how quickly you eat – the faster you do, the more you consume – and other fascinating factors, such as whether you eat more or less depending on who you’re eating that meal with.

Instant feedback
Technology will be able to then provide real-time coaching and advice on how you can make better food choices, whether that’s what you are eating or how you are eating it. Once this technology is available and affordable, it changes everything.