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Take risks to boost your testosterone

Setting yourself challenges to get out of your comfort zone is one of the best lifestyle choices you can make to increase testosterone production, says Mike Mahler

The connection between your lifestyle and your testosterone level is tremendous. The significance is often not talked about enough, or even downplayed, but the way you live your everyday life profoundly affects your levels of this very important hormone.

When you feel empowered and motivated and ambitious you are in a thriving state and this really supports testosterone production. You’re giving yourself a reason to be alive.

That’s why it’s so important to engage in activities that you find challenging because when your life becomes too easy and too comfortable you’re not living fully and become more risk-averse.

It’s really ironic that we often take on a lot of risk and accept a lot of challenges to get what we want, but once we do it impedes us from more success, because we don’t want to risk losing what we’ve accomplished. This is a low-testosterone mindset because you should want to keep pushing yourself physically and pushing yourself mentally. That’s a sign that you are in a thriving state and it goes a long way to optimising testosterone production.

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The relationship between your sex life and testosterone level is also very interesting. Put simply if you don’t have optimal levels you won’t want to have sex. It will be very low down your list of priorities.

Having an active sex life will increase testosterone levels, but you need to have optimal levels first. As soon as you start to increase levels your desire will return, and so creates a virtuous cycle.

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