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Shaun Stafford: the diet that made me a WBFF champion

Stepping on stage with a physique to win a world title requires a focused but flexible approach to training, nutrition and recovery, says Shaun Stafford

Shaun Stafford is a two-time WBFF Pro Fitness model world champion and performance director at City Athletic. He is based in London. 

My prep starts about 12 weeks before a show. That’s how long I’ve found I need to really dial it in. The first thing I do is get the date in the diary then work back from there.

Having done several shows you quickly learn what works best for your body.

For the first six weeks I’ll typically train once per day, with supersets, with a blend of rep ranges from around six to eight to 12. I like to build a real strength base so I can really attack the higher-intensity work I’ll need to do as the show draws closer.

For the final four to six weeks I’ll go to twice a day training because I’ve found that really works for me. It’s a great approach so I can keep calories high but still create a deficit through a higher training volume.

Whatever it takes
I love doing higher-intensity work, straight drop sets and multi-angle drop sets to really work my muscles to keep them hard and dense, while still chipping away at my body-fat level.

At this stage you need to do whatever it takes to get you stage-ready.



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