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Spartan Strength is your complete guide to building serious strength for life. It’s a distillation of the philosophy and methods that author, coach and strongman champion Jack Lovett has used to become one of the strength training community’s most respected figures. It starts by guiding you through how to lay foundations that will allow you to maximise your strength training potential. From there Lovett selects the big lifts, carries, power moves and hypertrophy exercises that will form the cornerstones of your training regime. The book concludes with a blueprint for how to structure your training sessions and design a programme that will help you to smash any personal best.

Praise for Jack Lovett and Spartan Strength

‘Jack Lovett is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. His knowledge is second to none and this book will be an amazing tool for anybody wanting to become a better athlete’
Andy Bolton

‘Jack Lovett is, without doubt, one of the best coaches I’ve ever met for getting people strong. He has a lethal combination of passion for the strength game, a desire to always learn, and the balls to train like a madman to learn what works best. He is one of the few people you need to learn from if you want to become a physical beast’
Christian Thibaudeau

‘If we had to pick one coach to work with to get seriously strong, we would pick Jack Lovett. This book is an essential resource for anyone looking to get bigger and stronger. It cuts through the BS to deliver the information that matters and the advice that works’
Men’s Fitness magazine

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