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Make small changes for bigger gains

The more advanced you are the more important it becomes to constantly monitor your performance in the gym, and your rate of recovery, to make the right manipulations to keep you on the road to success, says Kassem Hanson

Kassem Hanson is an elite contest prep coach, and trainer of IFBB pro Ben Pakulski. He is based in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Iron Insights

Adjust as you advance
When you’re new to training, simply working out and eating a relatively clean diet will allow you to make good and consistent gains, but the more advanced you are the more important it becomes to keep making small, incremental changes to keep pushing the envelope.

Maximize each rep
On the performance side, I evaluate Ben on a day-to-day or even hour-by-hour basis to give me an idea of how well he is recovering and the impact of his peri-workout nutrition. This feedback needs to be managed very quickly on the gym floor because he needs to get the most out of every rep.

Assess body fat weekly
On the aesthetic side, factors such as body-fat levels are very hard to determine daily, so I take a weekly approach to see where he is currently and make the changes to keep him on the straight and narrow so he gets on stage in the condition we need him to be in.



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