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John Berardi: How my approach evolved over time

I used to think that anything less than 100% commitment meant someone didn’t deserve results but now I realise there’s another way, says John Berardi

Dr John Berardi is a nutrition and exercise coach, sport scientist, author, and a founder of Precision Nutrition. He is based in Toronto, Canada.

Iron Insights

1 Constant evolution
My knowledge of nutrition has evolved over the years but I don’t regret the things that I’ve changed my views on once new information has emerged. It’s hard to regret not knowing something that no-one else on the planet knew.

2 Grey area
When I started I was very black and white about people’s desire. If they were willing to do the work and follow the diet then they were deserving of the results. If they weren’t then they weren’t deserving. I no longer think that way.

3 Commit or quit
I see a lot of the industry take the attitude that you have to be 100% committed to getting in shape or you don’t deserve to be in shape. I’ve now had a U-turn on that because I don’t think whether you deserve success is a binary issue.



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