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Is how you train making you unhappy?

There is no ultimate destination when trying to build a better body, so learning to enjoy the journey means you’ve already won, says Steve Cook

Steve Cook is an IFBB Pro men’s physique competitor, international fitness model and founder of Swoldier Nation. He is based in Boise, Idaho.

Losing at the 2013 Olympia physique contest was a good thing for me. A lot of people were surprised but it made me ask myself some questions. I don’t do what I do to place at a show. I do what I do for me, because it makes me feel good. It took some weight of my shoulders. I didn’t have to be this ‘physique guy’ and could go back to doing the type of training I love. I think I’ve come back in better shape for it.

Live in the moment
The beauty of this sport is that we will never be perfect, so it’s important to be happy where are you and enjoy the moment you’re in. We all want to progress, of course, but there is no ultimate destination. There will always be weak spots we need to work on. And there will always be someone in better shape than you.

Which is why it’s so important to enjoy the journey and never be fixated on the destination. There isn’t one. No one ever says I’m happy and have achieved all my goals. So you need to be happy every day you’re training in the gym, celebrating that you feel good and feel alive.

If you can feel good each and every day in the gym and be happy in the moment, then you don’t need to worry about any end goal. You’ve already won.



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