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Is 4010 the perfect tempo for growth?

If you train for hypertrophy it doesn’t matter how heavy you lift if you can’t maintain tension on the working muscle, which is why sticking to a strict tempo is a priority, says Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski is a IFBB Pro bodybuilder and creator of the Mi40 Nation website. He is based in Tampa, Florida.

Iron Insights

Maintain tension
I’d recommend a 4010 tempo to almost everyone, even advanced athletes, because most people don’t have a good ability to keep and apply tension on the muscles they are working. Sticking to this tempo forces you to think about maintaining tension.

Take it slow
4010 works because most people need to slow down each rep to enable them to feel the muscle working. Once you know what tension feels like, you can maintain it. Most people move too quickly to maintain tension and so just swing the weights around.

Increase the speed
As you become more advanced you can move more quickly whilst still maintaining tension. The faster you can move with tension the greater the hypertrophy results because moving more explosively will recruit more muscle fibres.