How to reintroduce carbs coming off a ketogenic diet

Reintroducing carbs at the end of a ketogenic diet requires a structured and gradual approach to avoid adding body fat, say Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery

Iron Insights

Carb control
Following a keto diet means you are no longer carb-adapted, so you can’t suddenly expect to be able to return eating them at your former level and not see any negative impact.

Start slowly
Our study shows that adding carbs back in at 1g per kilo of bodyweight doesn’t result in fat storage, and allows you to then increase intake each week while maintaining your physique.

Avoid overspill
We also found that reintroducing carbs at 3g per kilo led to a fat overspill within one day because your body is not well-adapted to deal with carbs after avoiding them for so long.