How to add muscle and stay shredded

Adding size without increasing body-fat levels can be done, but requires a total overhaul of the way your train, eat and recover, says Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry is an IFBB pro men’s physique model, Arnold Classic European men’s physique champion 2013 and a USN sponsored athlete. He is based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

When I first started training all I really cared about was my abs. I did a lot of cardio, swimming and gymnastics and worked my abs daily. There were very defined but had no real depth or thickness. And I thought carbs were the devil and spent most of the day hungry. I thought that was the price you had to pay to have a six-pack.

Peak physique
Things changed when I decided to move away from fitness modelling and into the physique contest side of the industry. I needed to put on much more size whilst keeping body-fat levels low. So I had to change the way I trained and ate and recovered to make this possible.

I started training with Dave Titterton, a two-time Mr Universe. I completely cut out cardio, introduced carbs back in to my diet and started doing far heavier weights. I train six days a week – Monday to Saturday – with a split of back, arms and abs, quads, shoulders, chest, hamstring and calves. Below is an example of a typical week’s training right now. Give it a go and see how you find it.