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What’s a realistic weekly fat-loss target?

Losing weight is easy; keeping it off is the real problem. That’s why the best fat-loss strategy is one that is sensible and sustainable, says Layne Norton

Dr Layne Norton is a physique coach and natural pro bodybuilder and powerlifter, who holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. He is based in Tampa, Florida.

Everyone is different
It is a cliche that everyone is different, but when it comes to fat loss the saying really does hold weight. Some people can lose body fat on a relatively high-calorie diet, while others will have to be far more aggressive.

Set a realistic target
My rule of thumb for a good fat-loss target is about 1% of bodyweight loss per week, based on client experience. There’s no research to support this, but I think that is a sensible and sustainable target to set.

Take your time
Everyone wants to lose fat as quickly as possible but it’s so important you do it properly. If you do it right you may only have to do it once. Try to do it too fast and you’re more likely to put back on all the weight – and more besides.