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Harness the power of pain tolerance: Part 1

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable during a training session is essential if you want to add serious muscle, says John Meadows

John Meadows is a national champion bodybuilder and works with many of the best physique athletes in the world. He is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Iron Insights

1 Bring the pain
One of the most limiting factors in people reaching their genetic potential in training is simple pain tolerance. If you are a genetic freak you can get really far without having to push yourself as much. But for someone like me who is structurally not the best, I have to put a lot of muscle on my body to enhance my shape.

2 Go beyond advanced
To put significant amounts of muscle on your body you need to get to an advanced level and then you have to get a little bit beyond that and then you need to keep going. And the limiting factor in that, a lot of times, is just pain tolerance because if you do the same thing over and over then your body will adjust to it.

3 Use it wisely
Your body wants to stay at a set point. It doesn’t want to just keep getting stronger and growing forever. So this pain tolerance that I talk about is critical in reaching your ultimate potential. The trick is knowing when to push your pain tolerance. If you do it right, you can’t do ten sets in a workout. It’s just too hard.

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