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Spartan Strength, the new book from elite coach and strongman champion Jack Lovett, will help you to build serious strength for life.

Here at IronLife we have the privilege of working with most of the fitness industry’s biggest and best experts. And if you asked us who we’d select as a coach if we wanted to get stronger, it would be incredibly easy to give you an answer. Jack Lovett, founder of the Spartan Performance gym in the northeast of England, would be the person we’d select to help us achieve that aim.

The reasons are pretty compelling. He achieved elite status as an athlete by winning Britain’s Natural Strongest Man on multiple occasions, then replicated that success as a coach on the world stage by guiding Donna Moore to two World’s Strongest Woman victories. He has also excelled in other sports and disciplines as the training force behind UFC fighters and Premier League footballers. But the real reason for the selection is his coaching style and philosophy.

The essence of good coaching is about making the complex seem simple. It’s about balancing the art and science of physical performance, it’s about understanding the psychology of your client and it’s about helping them to realise their potential. That’s all very nice for us, because we have access to the world’s top coaches. And it’s pretty nice for Lovett to read these words. But what does that mean for you? Actually, it means good news, because for the first time Lovett has distilled his coaching methods and presented them in the book, Spartan Strength, which we’ve had the honour of publishing.

“The manual I’ve created is a reflection of what I believe matters most if you want to get stronger,” says Lovett. “I’m not trying to impress you. I’m not trying to entertain you with fancy exercise variations you’ve never seen before. I’m giving you what works.”

That gives you a pretty good insight into the man and his methods. For Lovett, substance is everything. Even the name of his training business, which you might assume is related to the film 300, is rooted in real meaning. “Most people assume my gym is called Spartan Performance because the film 300 came out and they all looked fucking amazing,” says Lovett. “Well, not quite, though it certainly didn’t hinder business in the early days! I actually called it Spartan Performance because when I was studying Ancient History, Latin and Greek at university I did a dissertation on the Spartans. And in ancient Sparta, physical culture was a massive component of their lifestyle.

“The women and men trained together – it wasn’t like the guys were the only ones exposed to physical training. And that’s been my philosophy since day one; training does not discriminate in terms of age, ability or sex. If you learn how to train smartly and you implement strength training methods astutely, then you will gain appreciable levels of results.”

To find out more about Lovett’s approach to training, and how the book can make you stronger than ever, watch the video below.

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Praise for Jack Lovett and Spartan Strength

‘Jack Lovett is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. His knowledge is second to none and this book will be an amazing tool for anybody wanting to become a better athlete’
Andy Bolton

‘Jack Lovett is, without doubt, one of the best coaches I’ve ever met for getting people strong. He has a lethal combination of passion for the strength game, a desire to always learn, and the balls to train like a madman to learn what works best. He is one of the few people you need to learn from if you want to become a physical beast’
Christian Thibaudeau

‘If we had to pick one coach to work with to get seriously strong, we would pick Jack Lovett. This book is an essential resource for anyone looking to get bigger and stronger. It cuts through the BS to deliver the information that matters and the advice that works’
Men’s Fitness magazine

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Six-steps to Spartan Strength

Jack Lovett outlines the main chapters in the book and explains how they will make you stronger than ever

I’ve tried to make this book as easy to follow as possible. Your first task is to work your way through the exercises in chapter one, Foundation Movements, until you can execute them with flawless technique. From there I want you to build up an appreciable level of strength by using the key lifts in chapter two. The moves outlined in the following three chapters will complement your core strength training work and help to eliminate weaknesses.

The exercises in this book don’t comprise an exhaustive list of useful moves but they’re the ones I believe will give you the biggest bang for your strength training buck. Once you’ve got to grips with them you’ll be in a position to apply the information in the final chapter and start to build your own strength training programmes.

Chapter 1: Foundation movements
I cannot emphasise this enough – the set of exercises in this section are the most important collection of moves you will ever perform. How competent you are in these lifts will determine your strength training potential. If you skip this section or move on with flaws in your technique, you will be limiting your potential to develop strength further down the line.

Chapter 2: Key lifts
The lifts in this chapter are the ones that should form the backbone of your programmes for the rest of your strength training career. They are the most efficient moves and the ones that will allow you to get seriously strong. You can use these lifts for life, so you should always be looking to refine and improve your technique.

Chapter 3: Loaded carries
This chapter goes into the many benefits of loaded carries in detail. In short, they are an excellent tool for building strength, stability and an iron mind. It’s rare that a simple and accessible exercise such as the farmer’s walk is so rewarding in terms of strength benefits. That’s why I love them and why I want you to milk the moves in this chapter for everything they’re worth.

Chapter 4: Power training
Power training is vital to anyone who wants to get stronger. First, you can use these moves to ignite your central nervous system and maximise the potential of your training session. Second, you can use them to increase your rate of force development, which will have a positive carryover to your ability to shift heavy weights. This chapter contains the key power moves I want you to focus on.

Chapter 5: Hypertrophy exercises
You might wonder what hypertrophy-style exercises are doing in a strength book and the answer is simple: a bigger muscle has a greater potential to be a stronger muscle. But I don’t just want you to lift for show. All the exercises in this section have been selected because they are excellent assistance exercises that will help you to iron out any weaknesses in your key lifts.

Chapter 6: Programme design
In this chapter we bring together all the exercises and concepts we’ve covered in the rest of the book and give you an overview of how I would typically use them to structure a training session. I also outline how I would begin to build a progressive and periodised training plan so that you can take charge of your own strength training journey.

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