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Get HIIT right and torch fat faster

If you need to shift body fat fast then there’s nothing better than HIIT, but you need to get it right so it doesn’t impact efforts in the gym, says Kassem Hanson

Kassem Hanson is an elite contest prep coach, and trainer of IFBB pro Ben Pakulski. He is based in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Iron Insights

Short and sharp
Short, fast and intense cardio is the best way to maximise fat loss because of the impact it has on raising your metabolic rate and increasing growth hormone output, similarly to weight training.

Hormonal response
Steady-state cardio is effective for burning calories but doesn’t generate the same post-session hormonal response that changes how your body handles the food you then eat.

HIIT timing
HIIT sessions shouldn’t be done in the morning ahead of a legs session because it will affect your muscles and central nervous system too much. But you can do it before an upper-body workout without issue.



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