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Flex Lewis: Switch off or burn out

If you’re constantly thinking about training then you could be holding yourself back, says Flex Lewis

Lewis James ‘Flex’ Lewis is a Welsh bodybuilder and five-time Mr Olympia 212. He lives in Parkland, Florida.

Iron Insights

1 The hardest game
I did my own prep for my first show – just to get a free gym membership – and I had no intention of ever stepping on stage again. I had excelled in a lot of sports, such as athletics and rugby, but bodybuilding was the hardest sport I’d ever done in my life.

2 You’re never happy
I was the fastest kid in school and I wasn’t complacent but, looking back, there was nothing to motivate me. But when it comes to bodybuilding, you’re never going to be content because there is always going to be a body part you can improve.

3 Train hard, rest easy
When I first teamed up with my coach, Neil Hill, he gave me the advice to hit training hard and then forget about it. A lot of people get consumed 24/7 and it drives them nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the sport, but if you consume it 24/7 it becomes unhealthy.



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