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Don’t let dogma ruin your diet

Putting yourself in one nutrition camp and ignoring other options can limit the extent of your success, says David Sandler

David Sandler is a S&C coach, fitness researcher and co-founder of training and nutrition company StrengthPro. He is based in Golden, Colorado. 

A problem I encounter all too often is people having a very narrow-minded approach to their training. They never want to open their minds to other ways to train and are consequently limiting how far they can progress. And if you have a myopic view of training, it’s likely you also have similar outlook on your diet. This is a mistake.

When starting a diet to improve body composition, many folks still throw the baby out with the bathwater and either totally cut out an entire macronutrient, typically carbs, or radically reduce it, which used to be the cause with fats. If you are training hard your body needs carbs, and it always needs fats to perform at its best. I always recommend cutting calories by reducing macronutrient intake equally, so 10% or 20% less fats, carbs and protein each day.

Diet, as with training, requires constant analysis and tweaks to keep progression happening at the desired rate, so open your mind to other nutritional strategies and keep experimenting. You may think your current diet is working, but there might be an even better approach out there.



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