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Don’t be scared of over-training

The fear of over-training can prevent you pushing yourself as hard as possible to encourage positive performance and aesthetic adaptations, says Ben Esgro

Ben Esgro is the chief operating officer at De Novo Nutrition and an NCSA certified S&C specialist. He is based in Tampa, Florida.

Iron Insights

Forget the fear
So much information out there today is based upon fear that you must do this or must not eat that. When it comes to training you need to push yourself really hard to keep making improvements. Adaptation is a survival instinct and your body needs to feel under threat to respond.

Adapt or die
Positive adaptations don’t happen by mistake or because you really want them to. You have to push to achieve them but an irrational fear of becoming over-trained prevents people from pushing themselves at the level that is necessary for adaptations to be made.

General theory
The idea of over-training is very general but we are all individuals and adapt to what we ask our body to do. The only real symptom is poor performance, especially your ability to produce power. You might feel like garbage but if you are getting stronger it means you’re progressing.