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The herb that boosts testosterone threefold

Low levels of testosterone will negatively impact your performance in the gym, the office and the bedroom, but there are some minerals and herbs that can naturally increase T production, says Mike Mahler

Mike Mahler is a hormone optimisation researcher and supplement designer. He is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

ptimal testosterone production is essential for men who want to look and perform at their best in every aspect of their lives. If your levels are below-par then some smart supplementation can get them back into a healthy range pretty quickly.

Mineral deficiencies can be a leading cause of low testosterone, specifically zinc, which is the most important mineral linked to optimal testosterone production. In fact, deficiency can cut T production by half, if not more. A good form of zinc aspartate or zinc citrate, or even a trans-dermal supplement will help, and 50mg is a good daily dose.

Magnesium is another very important mineral because it helps increase levels of free testosterone, which is the amount of the hormone free and able to be put to the best uses.

Plant power
There are also several herb supplements that can help.

Stinging nettle root attaches to sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG). If you have high levels of SHBG is attaches to testosterone and deactivates it, so the less SHBG you have active in your system, the more free testosterone available.

Bulbine natalensis is a South African herb and in studies in mice has been proven to increase testosterone production by 347% lower estrogen by 35%. It helps the brain communicate with testes more effectively so more cholesterol is converted into testosterone.

Finally, mucuna, which has so many health benefits, including increased luteinising hormone, which signals testosterone production, as well as supporting growth hormone production, increasing glucose disposal and upping levels of dopamine, the natural energising hormone.

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