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Diet smarter to get stronger

Power and strength athletes are often guilty of overlooking the importance of nutrition, especially in the off-season. Paying more attention to what they eat will not only mean making weight class comes easier, it will also make them stronger, says Layne Norton

Dr Layne Norton is a physique coach and natural pro bodybuilder and powerlifter, who holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. He is based in Tampa, Florida.

Iron Insights

Manage the off-season
Many guys go wild in the off-season and add 30-40lb. They get stronger, but they then have to lose it – often quickly – to make weight. Even if they do their leverages and biomechanics change, especially in the squat.

Diet down slowly
Losing that much weight that quickly will also eat away at muscle mass – that’s inevitable – so they won’t be anywhere near as strong. I encourage all strength athletes to give themselves enough time to diet down slowly.

Strategies for strength
Big lifters have always overlooked the importance of nutrition because they don’t really care how they look; it’s all about strength. But they need to realise the more attention they pay to their diet the stronger they will become.



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