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Can you cycle carbs into a keto diet?

A successful ketogenic diet requires your body to fully adapt to burning ketones for fuel, so introducing carbs, even just at weekends, can reset your body to prioritise burning glucose, say Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery

Iron Insights

Weekend warrior
Everyone struggles at the start of a keto diet, both physically and mentally, as their body adjusts to burning ketones for fuel, so it can be tempting to add carbs in at weekends to give themselves some relief.

Lean mass loss
We studied two groups, one strictly keto, the other had carbs at weekends. Both groups lost 3kg, but for the carb group 2kg of that was muscle. The keto group lost 3kg of fat.

All or nothing
Eating carbs at the weekend means your body isn’t fully keto-adapted until the next Thursday, so you’re only truly in ketosis two days out of seven per week. For a keto diet to work you need to adapt.



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